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Perfect Grade Evangelion EVA-01 Limited Coating Edition Model    
Out of Stock, Sold Out!

Perfect Grade Evangelion EVA-01 Limited Coating Edition Model

No Longer Available

From the highly acclaimed classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, comes this Perfect Grade Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type model kit. This limited edition kit has a pearlescent coating, making for a stiking model of the EVA piloted by Shinji Ikari, a 14 year old boy tormented by the world he inhabits

Made by Bandai of Japan, this kit comes with a high level of articulation. A ball and socket system allows movement in the limbs and torso. Vinyl suit flexes with the inner frame for dynamic poses.

This is a Big Scale model, standing almost 12 inches tall when completed. It comes molded in 7 colors, so painting is not necessary or minimal.

Includes special commerative poster of Rei Ayanami composed of tiny images from the series.

Weaponry includes:

  • Pallet Machine Gun
  • Exterminator Sword and Counter Sword
  • Sword Scabbards mount to shoulder blade
  • Shoulder blades opens to reveal Progressive Knives
  • Moveable limbs and torso
  • Comes with multiple position head and mouth
  • Pilot's Entry Plug
  • LEDs light insignias on chest, arms and eyes in head
  • Includes Power Generator (battery container)
  • Umblical Power Cable provides electricity to EVA model (battery needed, see below)
  • Multiple hands for various poses or for holding weapons
  • Exploded View instruction sheet visually aids assembly
  • Japanese packaging
  • Glue and Paints not included
  • For advanced skill level modelers

  • Sorry this product is sold out
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