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Osaka Tin Toy Institute Mechanized Robot Silver Tin Toy    
Out of Stock, Sold Out!

Osaka Tin Toy Institute Mechanized Robot Silver Tin Toy

No Longer Available

The movie 'Forbidden Planet' is a classic but it's robotic star, Robby, is the one who became famous. The first, and most memorable, of the Japanese Robby Tin robots was the 'Mechanized Robot' by Nomura.

First built in 1957, this beauty stands over 1 Foot Tall and is a fine example of the Japanese tin toy making art, a wonderful design that has had a profound influence on tin toy robot design since.

This reproduction by Osaka Tin Toy Institute is an extremely faithful reproduction of the Nomura classic. Watch as gyros spin, the voice box light turns on and off.

It offers all the wonderful functions of the original such as walking while pistons move and lights flash on and off inside Robby's clear dome.

It has the original style silver body with red arms and black feet. It also comes in an accurate and colorful replica box that matches the original.

A mint condition original can sell for $ thousands so don't miss out on this collector's toy and investment.

A true classic design made by one of the finest tin toy manufacturers in the world right now. This rare replica is certain to rise in value as the definitive tin robot toy!

Requires 2 "D" size batteries, one fits inside each of its legs (included)


Sorry this product is sold out
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