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Kabuto Mushi (Rhinoceros Beetle) Robot Kit    
Out of Stock, Sold Out!

Kabuto Mushi (Rhinoceros Beetle) Robot Kit

No Longer Available

Kabuto Mushi is Japanese for Rhinoceros Beetle. This robot, like it's namesake beetle has a huge claw mechanism which can be used to pick up objects or even push around another Kabuto Mushi Robot.

It is an infrared remote controlled robot with powerful caterpillar traction. The infrared remote control handset has 8 channels so up 8 robots can function in the same vicinity.

The Rhinoceros Beetle is tough, durable, powerful, and has the no fear attitude. This easy-to-build kit will provide students, teachers, and hobbyist (with little to no experience), a fun and informative building session.

Each robot has 4 motors: 2 motors control directional movement: forward, backward, left and right; one motor regulates the elevating position of the claw; lastly, the 4th motor operates the opening and closing of the claw. Each track motor has a 3 speed transmission which can be manually selected allowing for fast, intermediate or slow speed.

The body and remote controlled handset are comprised of plastic parts, hardware, motors, and circuit boards. No soldering is required for this Intermediate Experience (Ages 10+) level kit.

The instruction manual is written to please educational instructors and the most discriminating parents. The user can learn about gear structure, battery wiring, motor principles, electronic circuits and circuit block diagrams.

Easy to follow instructions and step by step illustrations ensure enjoyable and successful kit building. It’s ideal for robotic workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps, classroom activities, and plain FUN anywhere.


  • Movement: 2 motors for caterpillars traction, 1 motor for claw elevation, 1 motor for open/close of claw.
  • Control: infrared remote control (distance approx. 10 feet).
  • Power Source: Main unit “AA” x 4, Remote Controller “AAA” x 3, batteries not included ( see below).
  • Remote Control: 8 channels, each channel controls 4 motors forward and backward.
  • Main unit size: 10 1/2 x 7 x 3 1/2 inches, Controller size: 5.3 x 2 x 4 inches.
  • Weight on main unit: 1.3 lbs, controller = .3 lbs.
  • Battery Life: approx. 30 min (continuous operation)
  • Gripper Maximum Lift Weight: 3 ounces.
Intermediate Experience (Ages 10+) level kit

Sorry this product is sold out
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