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I-Cybie, The Interactive Dog - Gold    
Out of Stock, Sold Out!

I-Cybie, The Interactive Dog - Gold

No Longer Available

More than just a Robot, a real Pet! OVERVIEW:

  • I-Cybie is programmed with advanced artificial
    intelligence to create the most realistic robotic dog.
  • I-Cybie's personality and behavior develop and evolve
    over time; starting out as a cute playful puppy and
    growing into a loyal adult dog.

  • 16 motors working in close coordination create playful
    and responsive actions and extraordinary animation
    including: shake hands, lie down, dance, wave paw,
    sit, come here, and much more.
  • I-Cybie head is designed to show a wide array of
    actions and emotions. I-Cybie can move his head up
    and down, side to side and on an angle to express
    how he is feeling. He is also able to turn his head to
    listen to sounds and your voice.
    • I-Cybie has intelligent sensors to let him react to the environment around him. These sensors allow I-Cybie to sense changes in light, the difference between environmental sounds and the sound of his master's voice, the ability to avoid obstacles like walls and stairs, the ability to step over or around objects and know when you give him a loving pat on the head or back.
    • I-Cybie learns to respond to your voice with advanced voice recognition. Your voice commands I-Cybie to sit, come, or stay.
    • The advanced voice recognition allows you to give I-Cybie his own name so he can learn to come when you call. Advanced voice recognition technology allows you to teach I-Cybie tricks and behavior on command. Your voice tells I-Cybie to fetch, beg or give you a paw.
    • I-Cybie is able to communicate with other I-Cybie pets as well as Poo-Chi and Super Poo-Chi.
    • I-Cybie starts out as a playful puppy, full of excitement and energy. I-Cybie needs to be taught how to behave properly, how to do tricks and how to get around in his new home.
    • You teach and train I-Cybie how to be a loyal and loving pet.
    • I-Cybie needs care, feeding and love just like a real dog!
    • Assortment includes 2 futuristic colors. Gold or Blue
    Comes with remote control, rechargeable battery, AC/DC charger included.
    Requires 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries for remote (included).

    I-Cybie measures 7 x 11.5 x 11.75 inches.

    Sorry this product is sold out
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