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ER1 Personal Robot Kit    
Out of Stock, Sold Out!

Only Available as Part of ER-1 Bundle

ER1 Robot Kit The ER1* is the first-ever personal robot system that can be trained to do useful and fun things around your home or office. The ER1 features a flexible design with all the hardware you need to create the ultimate robot.

Remote Control Monitoring. Allows you to login and see what the robot sees, and command it to do useful things.**

Photography and Video. Takes pictures for you on demand, or on a schedule, and stores them or emails them for you.

Mobility. Moves around your house autonomously.

Speech Recognition and Synthesis. Understands spoken commands, and speaks back to you.

Mobile Jukebox. Instantly plays music stored on your laptop, via voice or vision commands.

Robot Mail. Easily sends email based on voice or vision commands.**

Wireless Remote Control. Tele-operate your ER1 over a wireless network****

50 Things To Do With Your ER1Pictures

You’ll have a personal assistant at home….

  • Have your ER1 take pictures of the family and automatically email them to relatives or save them in your ER1 family archives
  • Play your favorite music on command
  • Remind you to feed the fish at the same time everyday
  • Patrol the house at night for strange sounds and keep a video log

And a new employee at work…

  • Greet guests in the reception area and show them to the meeting
  • Remind you to call your spouse if you’ll be late
  • Play “Thank God It’s Friday TM” on Friday afternoons
  • Deliver the office mail in the morning***

* Laptop not included.

**Wireless card and home network required for this function

***Extra beam pack required for this function

**** Wireless card, home network, and a remote PC connected to the Internet required for this function.

Robot Control Center:
Robot Control Center The Robot Control Center is the brain of the ER1, where all of the robot's abilities unite in one simple Graphical User Interface that is designed to make robotics as easy as any PC application. Click on image to take you to the ER1 Control Center:

Hot Tips:

Connect ER1 to your wireless home network and control your robot from your desktop.

Use a wireless microphone to enhance voice recognition.

Use the ER1 Robot Expansion Pack to enhance the look and functionality of your ER1.

Command the ER1 to put your ideas into practice: 50 Things To Do With Your ER1.

System Requirements
Any Pentium III Laptop - 500 MHz or faster on Windows 98 or higher

We also recommend:
802.11 wireless network and Ethernet adapters
Separate PC with Internet access
Additional camera
Wireless microphone

Warranty Information:
Your kit and its component parts are warranted to be free from defects for a period of 1 year from date of delivery to you. Damaged parts will be replaced at retail cost.

ER1 Specs

Sorry this product is sold out
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